To wish you all

... a wonderful Christmas time. I am hoping to be spoilt with our grandchildren! No doubt photos will follow shortly.

A BIG THANKS TO SASKIA, my blogland friend I have also met in person, for her delicate and thoughtful gift sent for Christmas.

A BIG THANKS TO MARTA, my blogland friend, she has so kindly posted me a lovely Christmas gift.

A couple of projects and still continuing in the same way:

All the very best to you all,
God's blessing be upon you and your loved ones!

Hugs, Lori xxx

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Maria a dit…

Merry Christmas dear ♥
Rejoice! Rejoice!
Enjoy a beautiful Christmas day, Lori!
Your card is on its way over the Atlantic! I hope it arrives soon!
Thank you for your sweet treasures. The darling ornament is on our tree!

Blessings always,