October sews

I have been inspired by some Christmas design and this is my October "harvest" :) happy

Joy to the world:

A partridge in a pear tree:

Wreaths and ribbons:

We are already in November and getting so close to Christmas, I can't wait.

Oh, just to show you my little grandaughter Olivia on her 2nd birthday, we had a party!!

Wishing you all a lovely week,

Lori xxx

2 commentaires:

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Olivia is such a beautiful little princess. We doubted Celeste or Olivia, and picked Celeste in the end. But oh, how I love love the name Olivia!
I am officially in the Christmas mood too. Your little stitched works are adorable.
Wishing you a happy first of November, dear Lori xxx

Maria a dit…

Happy November, Lori!
Your needlework is so perfect and smooth. {and you actually finish your projects... oh my, I am so behind with my sweet little cardinal project!}
I love that picture of you and Olivia. It jumps with JOY!
Wishing you lots, lots more of JOY and those sweet moments with Olivia.