Our precious gift!

We are the proud grandparents of little Maxime, our first grandson in the family,
born on 1 Oct 2011.

Mum is well after a caesarian operation, and they are both now safely home.

We are so blessed!

Hugs to you all, Lori xxx

4 commentaires:

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Look at handsome little baby boy Maxime! Don't you just adore this early early beginning of a whole new life.
Many congratulations to you and your lovely family, Lori. I will probably be visiting your grandson this weekend again!
Love to you xxxx

cecyliarodzinaidom a dit…

Super baby!

Rodica Botan a dit…

Congrats...and God bless your family!!!

Maria a dit…

C O N G R A T S ! ! !

How excited you all must be!
Healthy baby
Healthy mama
Life IS good!
*Blessings upon you all*