My best Christmas present was to be with my dear ones. I am sure it was the same for you. Here I am with our grand daughter and my husband enjoying the Christmas festivities:

This week I am enjoying the lul in between Christmas and New Year, and here are some of my recent finishes.

Gone back to knitting for a little while, will show you soon.

See you soon, Lori xxx

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Maria a dit…

Lori! Happy New Year to you!
I didn't know that the little wee one in some of your photos is a grand daughter! She is so lovely and you are a very pretty g'ma!
I am stopping by to tell you that I JUST found the ladybug in your envelope! I was going through the Christmas card envelopes we save to make sure we have all the addresses up to date and found that cutie ladybug tucked into the corner... So glad I found it and HOW ADORABLE IT IS!
I am going to make a pin out of it and wear it to school! the kids will love it too!
Many thanks and JOY-FILLED wishes for a New Year that's amazing~

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

That is a very precious picture of you, your husband and the little princess, Lori! It's true, spending time with our family is the most wonderful gift for Christmas.
Happy celebrating on December 31th. And all my best wishes for a wonderful 2011, I am looking forward to a whole new year popping by your lovely little corner in the world! xxxx