Ongoing projects

I have done a bit of knitting lately, the cold weather must have inspired me.

The pink one will become a scarf neck warmer cowl.

As for the white one will become a small shawl, but I still need to knit some sort of ends to be able to tie it on.

It is really soft!

And a return to cross stitch, two projects in the making, one a Christmas decoration and the other one a whirly heart, more getting towards Valentine Day, well in advance.

Hope you are all well and keeping warm! Enjoy the weekend,

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~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Your work already looks beautiful, Lori. The red is a great choice!
Happy creating to you, I'm in front of the fireplace catching up with some lovely blogs before I put my little ones to bed.
Much love et une bonne soiree xxxx

Maria a dit…

Hi Lori~
I thank you for your sweet comment earlier this week. I'm getting past the flood of tears...but still expecting to see Muffin in the kitchen. Thank God I still have my little Misty {She's 14 yrs old}

you always inspire me with your wonderful work. I must stop walking past my projects and sewing machine and spend some "quality time" with them :D
Sending you warm wishes*

Maria a dit…

joining you in a cuppa coffee!
Je vais prendre le café à neuf heures!
I'll be having a cuppa "to go" on the way to church at nine :o)

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Bonsoir lovely Lori, did you enjoy a good coffee this afternoon? Your comment on Maria's post is wonderful!
Je te souhaite une bonne semaine. Mille bises!

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Bonjour Lori, have a look at my blog... please send me your address so I can get the cupcake liners and chocolate sticks off to travel to YOU!
Je te souhaite un bon jeudi avec beaucoup de soleil. Il fait froid ici, tres tres froid.
Bisous xxxx

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Hi Lori, my email address is : skok@dappui.nl
I will ship your envelop next lundi.
Is it that cold in France too? We are preparing ourselves for neige, le premiere neige de cette season.
English and French go so good together, n'est-ce pas? .^_^.
Bonne nuit xxxx