In red

I had to undo my entrelac project as I got it a bit wrong. If you notice in the photos, my work is no longer curving at the sides, as per previous post's images, as I forgot, or rather did not quite understood that I have to introduce in the tier a small triangle at each side. I think I was too busy weaving the basket like rectangles,that the sides were left a bit ... on the side! ;-)

Last night I went to a red themed birthday party, my nails match my work, LOL! :-))

This week I managed to do a little bib for a colleague's baby, a speedy project that came out quite nice! In any case, my colleague was very pleased. :-)

The sun is out, so I will be enjoying some autumny sun again, hope you too.

Wishing you a lovely weekend,

2 commentaires:

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

That bib is absolutely adorable, Lori.
Beaucoup de sourires de Francis >^_^<
Ton pays est tres tres beau!! xxxx

Maria a dit…

Red is one of my colors, Lori ~ it is a beautiful color all year long!

I enlarged the photo of your manicure... love the butterflies! so pretty!
The baby bib is precious and will be a real keepsake.

I'm thinking of Saskia touring in France ... how wonderful... wishing I could do the same!

Also wishing you a lovely week!
♥ Maria