Enjoying my week

And of course the weekend! I have had a delightful time with my guests, and just wanted to share a couple of pics from one of our evenings outing in the centre of Paris.

I even managed to bake a little, chocolate mini-cupcakes, but I felt I left them a tad too long in the oven, they felt a bit dry. I am still learning.

I have finished one Christmas ornament, a mini Christmas tree in patchwork style.

And my latest WIP, a striped scarf for the autumn mornings when it is really chilly.

So I leave you with the picture of a lovely bouquet my DH has brought me, absolutely lovely.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

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Cindy F. a dit…

Hey girl!! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!!

I LOVE the Christmas tree finish! It's adorable!! and the scarf is awesome!! Great colors:)

Sending you BIG (((HUGS))) and wishing you a most wonderful weekend!!

Maria a dit…

Hi Lori!
Oh to be in Paris!
How are things there? I see all was safe for you :o)
Your tree ornament is so pretty! I will try making your crocheted ladybug and let you know how it comes out !
If it really looks silly, I'll email you to come to my rescue :D

We have been so busy with the paperwork regarding Jason's accident! C'est penible!

We had a beautiful day today... lovely and fall-like!
My favorite time of year!
I know you must be enjoying your roses. They are so beautiful!
Many blessings to you always, Lori!
~ love and joy ~

Siobhan a dit…

I love the pictures of Paris! Your Christmas tree finish is wonderful.

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

Bonsoir Loir,
La tour Eiffel est magnifique chaque fois je vois cette belle tour!
Your cupcakes are sweet petits, must be delicious.
Une bonne semaine! xx

~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

... that should be Bonsoir Lori, silly me. I'm already with my head en France, in two weeks we will visit your beautiful country {Bourre, Centre, Loire} xx