I love autumn, especially when I can be at home, indoors, busying myself around our home, enjoying the warmth and the hot cuppas. If I would have to describe my spare time at the moment, I would have to say: plenty supply of tea and coffee, accompanied by hot soup, fresh baked bread, nice apple pies, and my cat purring while I knit. Soft music in the background. I took to knitting and crochet lately, cross stitch is on hold for the moment.

Hope you are all having a nice cosy day.

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~*~ saskia ~*~ a dit…

J'adore ce mosaic. Lori. Les couleurs sont jolies! I have had a cozy, warm day. We spend most of the time inside, the fireplace was burning and I found a little time to leaf through my favorite magazine.
Une bonne semaine, ma cherie xxxx

Maria a dit…

Hi Lori!
I love your mosaic too :o)
So nice to "get together" here with our cuppa tea and good friends ~
Enjoy all your autumn delights... they make our hearts happy and our souls joyful ♥
blessings for each day*