I have not done much cross stitching lately, but a bit of crochet and embroidery.

My brown dress needed a little touch to uplift and to make it reveal a bit less of the "decoltée". The V neck was lightly too low, so rather than not wear the dress, I customised.

And the last few pounds put on has made me unable to wear another certain dress that I love very much, a little let-in was necessary, here was my solution.

Quite warm over here, is it that hot at your place?

Enjoy summer, hope the heat will refresh soon.

Lori xxx

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Maria a dit…

Hi Lori!
Right now we are at the end of a very big thunder storm!
We got home 5 minutes too late to take clothes down from drying outside! It was a gorgeous day in Vermont {where we went for the day}
who would know that it would be storming so much...
Too much humidity here!
In the mountains, where we were, it was beautiful!
anyway... your new designs are very very pretty!
The heart trim is so perfect for the brown dress. The crochet trim looks like it was always meant to be on the blue dress!
Super job... You look so cute in those dresses!
Isn't it great when you know how to make something even prettier and when you can extend the life of an article of clothing!
Hope our heat and humidity settles down, both here in the US and in France! Take care Lori!

małgorzata a dit…

Dear Luciana, I hawe one qestion: could you send me cross stitcher magazines and I will send You some of Poland magazines on exchange. so what do you think about it ?



Kirsi a dit…

What a nice customised dress :)

Kirsi a dit…

What a nice customised dress :)