Lost in post :-((

My latest gift for an internet friend has been lost in post, such a shame, however Marta, I am still wishing you good luck with your exams! So sorry your surprise did not materialise.

Take good care and congrats for your good news!


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Cinka26 a dit…

Thank you very much Luciana. You are an Angel. Unfortunatelly our post has been very disappointing for some time, and I havent got many letters and packages lately.
Fortunatelly I passed a few exams, and I will have 3 exams in two weeks time :o).

Thank you again :o)


Maria a dit…

Hi Lori! Well, you never know... she could get it a few months from now... and sometimes it arrives on another important date :o)

Once it took 3 months for my aunt in Italy to receive a picture I sent her!
We waited soooo long, but she finally received it!
Your stitches and design are adorable!
*Wishing you Well*