Where is spring?

OK, I know I should be more patient it is only February. It has snowed again this week, and temperatures are getting to minus 5°C/23F. A cold and sharp wind is blowing. I'm keeping in today, my dearest went shopping on Thursday and got the basics, so I am only getting my nose out of door to call the tom-cat in. Stubborn tom, loves to be out, even in this weather!

So, to cheer me up, my dearest bought me a pot of mini-daffodils, my favourite spring flowers. Here is some progress on the blooms.

I am joining a new cross stitch exchange from Pretty exchanges blog, this time the theme is flowers, so you could guess what will I be requesting, if poss! Of course, you guessed, a daffodil. Pictures will follow on completion of project only, which is due in May. Check out the blog and join in if you fancy, should be fun.

I have advanced half way with the "Time for God" project and here is a picture to prove it! ;-))

Well, wishing you a warm weekend, a wonderful Valentine Day, lots of sweet surprises, and take good care,

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Shari a dit…

aren't spring flowers wonderful? My favorite are hyacinth's (sp)I had some bulbs from last year out in the garage. I noticed last week, they were starting to sprout. I brought them in the house & they will be blooming soon!!!!
Your WIP is looking great!!!!!! It looks wonderful on that fabric!!