Back home

Hello everyone, I am back from holiday, back to work and back with some of my creations.

I managed to finish the baby blanket, my step daughter will give birth shortly in October, so I managed to finish it in time. I hope it will keep mummy and baby warm, it can even be used as a telly watching blanket on those cold winter months coming up!

A little card for a friend, her birthday is due soon also. She is very fond of patchwork, so hopefully she will enjoy this card.

We had a delightful holiday, plenty of sunshine and breathtaking sights on the Atlantic coast, cycling helped and came back with a barrel full of high moral and joyfulness.

Did I ever show you the gift I made for Cindy for her 50th birthday? Her birthday card and two coasters for hot drinks. Well, I know she enjoyed it greatly, and that she had an excellent time that day!

Wishing you all a very good week ahead,


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