Award from a dear friend

I have been given a great honour by Ania, she has always been so kind. Here goes. As far as I understand, I name other friends and pass on this lovely message. Thank you Ania for thinking of me, and thank you ladies for being good friends.
Cindy @ http://lonestarstitcherandherramblings.blogspot.com/
Marta @ http://hafcikicinka26.blox.pl/html
Dana @ http://danielasworld2008.blogspot.com/
San @ http://asasudra.blogspot.com/
Shari @ http://sharissharings.blogspot.com/

And Ania for always being inventive, kind, thoughtful and to return the same compliment, she is a very lovely friend!

Thanks to you ladies, the blog world is rich and friendly!

Love, L xxx

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Cindy F. a dit…

Congratulations on your award! and you sweet precious friend of mine! THANK YOU for sharing it with me and the other nice friends:)