Baroque heart and snowdrops

My baroque heart in cross stitch is not yet finished. It was meant for this Valentine Day, and although it will make a nice decoration all year round too, I am a bit sad I could not finish it in time. However, I hope to finish it soon, but here is where I got to, I've still to do the central part and the shadow.

And here are the first snowdrops in my garden, very shy. Hope they will spread more around the garden, or so I was told, this is the second year they come up, but no massive improvement, last year were still only a couple. Must get some more bulbs and plant them around the garden. A lovely sign that spring is just around the corner! :-))

3 commentaires:

Cindy F. a dit…

Beautiful progress on your heart and how pretty your snowdrops are looking!

suriart a dit…

Lovely design, very cheerful, I was thinking that this sign will be great for valentine to next year! Have a great day.
By the way, snowdrops look great! Best wishes, Ola

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Antonela a dit…

Superbi ghioceii din gradina ta.Miroase a primavara!!!