Guess who's a happy bunny???

Me, of course. I managed to finish my present for Kim's daughter, I hope Marta will be pleased with me as I changed the pyjamas colour in pink shades, the initial pattern was blue. So here it is in it's splendour! I can't wait to see Kim's face when she'll see it. And to complete the present I found a cuddly toy to accompany the picture.

3 commentaires:

Anek73 a dit…

I think that bunny in pink pijama is even nicer then this in blue. Kim will be glad with gift to her doughter.
Very, very best wishes to you in New Year and many ideas in cross stitch work. :)

Cinka a dit…

I looks great!!! I love pink and I also think that it looks nicer than the blue version.

Best wishes and Happy New Year :o), full of cross stitching, of course :o)

Cindy F. a dit…

The bunny is precious! Congrats on your pretty finish:)