Christmas is so near!

And so many things still to do! Well, I have decorated yesterday, and here is my small attempt at patchwork:

Still working hard at my fifth day, hope to finish it pronto so as to start the bunny pattern Marta has sent me.

And speaking of Marta, my pen friend from Poland, she has sent me a lovely card she stitched herself, she is so much faster and does so many beautiful designs, she is a real expert in cross stitch. She's on my list as Marta's blog, I have not learnt yet how to do links within text, perhaps I'll learn in the new year. So here is Marta's kind gift to me:

My warmest wishes to you all, I hope you will have a brilliant Christmas, surrounded by family and friends. Love to you all, those lovely ladies out there, busy with their cross stitch, crochet and knitting, and so many other wonderful things. xxx

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Cindy F. a dit…

Lori, that's more than a small attempt at patchworking! You did a beautiful job on that!! It's so pretty:)
Great progress on 5th day and such a wonderful gift from Marta!!
Hope you're enjoying your holidays:)