Finished a few things

My 4th day from 12 Days of Christmas is finally finished! Took me much longer than the other 3 as I was also stitching a gift for a friend's birthday. Also I was finishing some other cross stitch, reading my books for the book club on 15 Dec, attending choir practice for carol singing on 18 Dec, and rehearsals for the pantomime on 10 Dec, making the right envelopes for my other Christmas cards, (as the size was a bit awkward, I found a pattern on somebody's Picasa site and managed to get it to the square I needed), knitting another scarf as I remembered where I stored my green fancy wool, etc, etc, etc. Getting really busy over here!

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Cindy F. a dit…

WOW! You have been busy! Your finishes are sooo pretty! I'm loving your 12 Days of Christmas pieces! They are the cutest!

Cindy F. a dit…

oops...I hit the button too fast!
Your scarf is gorgeous! Love that!